• Chef Special
  • Fi de guá(피데구아)
    Serving 2-3 people
    Assorted seafood, pork, pasta, olive oil, paprika, chicken broth and black pepper
    Traditional Spanish food becomes Korean fusion by Chef Marcos. You can taste every ingredients and it’s perfect when it’s mixed.
  • Signature
  • Tomahawk Pork Cutlet(토마호크 돈까스)
    Pork tomahawk rib, cabbage salad, rice
    Chef Alex's famous pork cutlet made with Tomahawk steak. Seoul Salon's signature dish not to be missed
  • Hamburg Steak(함박 스테이크)
    Grind beef & pork, fried egg, vegetables, cheese powder
    Homemade meat pattie and fried eggs. Korean's old school hamburger steak
  • Oven PorkBelly & Shishito peppers(통삼겹 꽈리고추볶음)
    Pork belly, shishito pepper, green onion, garlic
    Long aging and ovened pork belly. The best serve with shot of soju
  • Beef Short rib asado(아사도)
    Beef short rib, vegetable
    Argentina traditional short ribs and grilled vegetables. Perfect with wine!
  • Crab Meat Seafood Cream Pasta(홍게살 해물크림 파스타)
    Squid, clam, mussel, green mussel, red crab
    If you are pasta lover, you can't miss this seafood cream pasta!
  • collagen egg soup(스지 계란탕)
    Tendon, egg, house broth
    Seoul Salon's representative fusion menu suji eggsoup. Goes well with all beverages. If you want plain egg soup, "We are sorry"
  • Rose Rice Cake 'rose tteokbokki'(로제 떡볶이)
    Rice cake, fish cake, vegetable, egg, heavy cream, cheese
    Spicy and sweet fusion rose tteokbokki, Enjoy spicy and creamy taste all at same time
  • korean traditional ribeye steak(꽃등심 불고기 스테이크)
    Rib eye, house bulgogi sauce, vegetable
    Chef Alex's Bulgogi sauce gravy meets the highest quality of meat!
  • Salad
  • Brisket Yuju Salad(차돌 유자 샐러드)
    Brisket, mixed vegetables, yuzu dressing
    Brisket and sweet & sour yuzu dressing, enjoy every second of it!
  • Thin Porkbelly salad(대패삼겹 샐러드)
    Thin sliced pork belly, mixed vegetables, house oriental sauce
    Nothing simple about this salad. Thin cut pork belly with house oriental sauce
  • Smoked salmon salad(훈제 연어 샐러드)
    Smoked salmon, mixed vegetables, caper sauce
    Smoked salmon and caper sauce, More flavor to your meal
  • Dinner
  • Spicy Pork Cream Pasta(고추장 돼지 파스타)
    Marinated pork, heavy cream, garlic, gochujang sauce
    Made with korean red pepper paste, cream and pork. Only serving and created by Seoul Salon
  • Mentaiko Creamy Gnocchi(명란 뇨끼)
    Mentaiko, heavy cream, potato dough
    The harmony of mentaiko that fits in one bite of live
  • Kimchi Fried Rice(김치볶음밥)
    Kimchi, rice, vegetable, fried egg, sliced spam
    Homemade kimchi fried rice is always delicious!
  • Bulgogi Udon Soba(불고기 우동소바)
    Udon, bulgogi, sesame oil, vegetable
    The perfect combination of Bulgogi, Udon and egg yolk! Great for light meal or snacks for shot of soju
  • Special
  • Grilled Mentaiko(명란구이)
    Grilled Mentaiko with pear, cucumber, radish and seaweed
  • Grilled Octopus legs(통문어 다리구이)
    Octopus legs, mixed vegetables, balsamic sauce
    Aged and tender grilled octopus legs, the premium appetizer for you
  • Korean dried anju platter(마른안주)
    Dried cuttlefish, dried filefish, dried mango, snacks, gummy bear and chocolate
    Perfect side snack for all kinda of drinks
  • Cheese platter(치즈 플래터)
    Chef Alex's cheese selection. Flavor from france, spain and US that enhances the taste of wine
  • Rice Cake 'TTEOKBOKKI'(분식 떡볶이)
    Spicy original korean style tteokbokki
  • Fries & Tapas
  • Fried Dumplings(튀김만두)
    Fried dumpling, onion, cabbage salad
    Easy to eat and flavorful fried dumpling
  • 3 pcs Asado Taco(아사도 타코)
    Asado beef, onion, spicy sauce
    Tacos with tender meat and salsa! Taco Tuesday!
  • Fried Squid Legs(오징어 다리튀김)
    Fried squid legs, lemon
    Fried squid legs and house chili sauce are the best side dishes with beer!
  • Truffle French Fries(트러플 감자튀김)
    French fries, truffle oil
    Truffle flavored fries
  • Grilled Squid(통오징어 구이)
    Squid body, house sauce
    Best simple tapas of Seoul Salon
  • Chicken Wings(닭날개)
    Fried chicken wing, side spicy sauce
    6pcs of fried chicken wings
  • Fried Shrimp Head(새우머리튀김)
    Fried shrimp head, lemon, sweet&chili sauce
    For a simple snack
  • Gambas(감바스)
    Shrimp, Oil, lemon, mint
    Flavor with aged shrimp. Garlic and house oil
  • Caprese(카프레제)
    Burratta cheese, mixed vegetable, balsamic sauce
    Burratta cheese and red wine, the perfect match
  • Old style chicken(옛날통닭)
    Fried whole chicken, radish pickle, salad
    A whole chicken with an old-fashioned korean style cooking, serve with side salad
  • Stir-Fried
  • Spicy Chicken Feet(매운닭발)
    Chicken feet, gochujang sauce, onion
    This spicy chicken feet will make you sweat! One bottle of soju is standard
  • spicy pork bulgogi(매운 돼지불고기)
    Sliced thin pork belly, gochujang sauce, onion, green onion
    Original spicy pork bulgogi! Don't miss your chance to taste of 1930's Seoul
  • Fried Tofu kimchi(두부김치)
    Fried tofu, kimchi, sliced thin pork belly
    Fried dumplings and fried kimchi is a fusion dish, that you can't find anywhere else
  • Spicy stir-fried seafood udon(해물 우동볶음)
    Udon, squid, clam, mussel, green onion, gochujang sauce
    Multi selected seafood with Udon, this dish will steal your heart
  • Spicy stir-fried chicken with cheese(치즈불닭)
    Chicken, gochusang sauce, mixed vegetables, cheese
    Let you try experience chicken with cheese. It's a new level of taste
  • coconut Stir-Fried Chili shrimp(코코넛 칠리새우)
    Fried shrimp, mixed vegetables, coconut flakes
    Stir-fried crispy chili shrimp with house chili sauce and coconut flakes
  • Soup
  • Spicy Seafood soup with scorched rice(해물 누룽지 짬뽕탕)
    Squid, clam, mussel, vegetables, scorched-rice
    Spicy seafood jjambbong soup and crust of crispy rice are the best side dish
  • Fish cake soup(오뎅탕)
    Fish cake, skewer fish cake, vegetable
    A soup you can enjoy with rich broth and various kinds of fish cakes
  • Spicy Fish cake soup(매운오뎅탕)
    Fish cake, skewer fish cake, vegetable
    A soup you can enjoy with rich broth and various kinds of fish cakes
  • Clam soup(모듬 조개탕)
    Assorted clams, vegetable, green onion
    Best soju combination! Spicy clam soup
  • Dessert
  • Fruits Cocktail with icecream(후르츠칵테일)
    Assorted fruits
    One and only Seoul Salon's dessert!
  • Lychee & peach(리치황도)
    Lychee, peach
    Cool lychee and peach match with soju